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10 Unknown Interesting Life Facts about Lord Gautama Buddha not Revealed yet!!!

10 Unknown Interesting Life Facts about Lord Gautama Buddha not Revealed yet!!!

1. His Teachings

The three teachings Gautam Buddha taught his followers were not to do evil, to do merit and purify mind which means (Sabba papassa akaranam Kusallasa sampadda.. Chittassa suddhi.. Karannasa) in Pali language.

2. Four Sights

One day Buddha asked a charioteer to take him on a ride through the countryside. There, he saw an old man, then a sick man, a corpse, and a wandering ascetic. For the first time in life, he understood and felt what actually the reality was disturbed by all that he saw and appreciated the actual reality of life was outside his palace and not within it. This led him to drop his birth name, Siddhartha Gautam.

3. Realization

Siddhartha Gautam returned to the palace but he could not enjoy the comforts of the palace. He wandered around in the palace alone at night. Then, he realized that all good things, all beautiful will eventually vanish. Even the news of the birth of his son could not cheer him up. So, he gave up all the valuable things changed into the clothes of a beggar and went out of his palace in search of enlightenment.

4. Prediction

A few days after his birth, it was predicted by a wise old man that Siddhartha Gautam would later become a great ruler or a saint. His father Sudodhan, preferred the first one and locked him into the palace. He was not allowed to step outside so that he will not have any idea about the world outside the palace. Siddhartha was provided the knowledge that would help him to become a great ruler.

5. Seeking Teacher

As soon as the prince left the palace, he started looking for teachers who could preach him about the different religion and how to meditate. Siddhartha tried many things but he was not able to get the answers he was looking for. He sorts out the middle way to gain enlightenment.

6. Enlightenment

Siddhartha Gautam sat under a sacred fig and began meditating. There is a belief that he was challenged by a demon, Mara which means destruction. With the help of earth as the witness, he won the challenge and then the demon disappeared. At the end of the meditation, he got all the answers to his question and became a Buddha.

7. Reluctant Teacher

In the beginning, Siddhartha Gautam was reluctant about teaching as he believed that whatever he knows or realized is quite difficult to explain in words. Only through pure mind and discipline, one could gain the true reality. But compassion persuaded him to make an attempt. Hence, he started teaching the doctrines about enlightenment.


Once he started teaching about enlightenment, there were thousands of followers.

9. Re-United

Finally, he reconciled his father King Suddhodhana. His beloved wife, the devoted Yashodhara, who became a nun and disciple. Another amazing fact is that Buddha’s son Rahula became the youngest monk at the very age of seven and started living with his father.

10. Word of Wisdom

Gautam Buddha traveled without tiredness till the age of 80 when he died. His last words to the followers were to work on their own deliverance as everything in this world is temporary