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Gamer Breaks Up With His Model Girlfriend To Focus on ‘Call of Duty’

Gamer Breaks Up With His Model Girlfriend To Focus on ‘Call of Duty’

The Gamer had to “pick his poison,” the 23-year-old YouTube star explained in a 10-minute YouTube confessional he posted over the weekend for his 2.5 million followers. FaZe censor started dating Garcia for three years.

“Would you chase your dreams or chase a girl?” deliberated one person on Garcia’s Instagram page. The video posted by Martina day before has garnered over 20,000 comments so far, Garcia hinted at the “break-up on Twitter with a worth a two emojis: a sad face and broken heart.  Martin and Garcia were a made-for-the-movies couple-the beauty and the nerd.

Garcia has carved her name by wearing sexy clothing midst presenting the weather and exposing her rear look on social media. She has 6.5 million followers on Instagram, it is populated with photos of her most famous asset. Similarly, Martin also takes the prize on YouTube with 2.6 million subscribers to her 480,000. She gained fan base attention during the World Cup after she supported Mexico in its quest. With an odd “good luck” ritual, she let two of her co-hosts kick her in the butt on live TV. She presented the weather on Mexican TV station Hoy.