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Gunman, 2 People Killed, 12 Injured In Toronto Shooting

Gunman, 2 People Killed, 12 Injured In Toronto Shooting

Two people killed and 12 injured during a shooting that took place in the middle of Toronto street Sunday night. The Gunman, a 29-year-old man, is also dead on the spot, according to Ontario’s Special Investigations Unit. The gunman ran from the police and was found dead on a street. One of the two victims was a woman. An innocent bystander, a young lady lost her life in the exchange of gunfire. Another 8-9-year-old girl was in critical condition. The rest 11 people are being treated at a hospital after all victims were struck by gunfire. The shooting erupted near Anorthic Street and Logan Avenue, in the city’s Greek town neighborhood, often referred to as The Anorthic.

A video from a witness displays a man dressed in black clothes and a black hat walking quickly and firing three shots from the sidewalk into at least one shop or restaurant in Greek town. Toronto’s Greek town is a lively residential area with thick Greek restaurant and cafes.

Police responded swiftly and engaged in a shootout with the suspect, who used a handgun. The incident took place at about 10 p.m. John Tillich stated he and his brother had just gotten out of their car when he heard at least 20 to 30 gunshots.

“We just ran. We saw people starting to run”.

According to Toronto Councilor Paula Fletcher, “ it’s not gang-related. It looks like someone very disturbed.”

“We so used to living in a city where these things did ’t happen. But there are things that happen nowadays and they are just unspeakable” Toronto Mayor John Tory adds.

The mass shooting comes a few months after a van driver plowed into pedestrians on a Toronto sidewalk, killing ten people and injuring 14. Authorities have not disclosed a cause. But the arrested driver, Aleck Invasion, posted on social media regarding a misogynistic online community before the attack.