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JetBlue plane loses communication at JFK Airport tarmac

JetBlue plane loses communication at JFK Airport tarmac

A JetBlue plane reportedly became unresponsive to tower communications while taxiing for departure at JFK Airport in New York City Tuesday evening, provoking a security scare. A couple videos took on social media show authorities surrounding Flight 1623 on the tarmac. In addition, Flight 1623 was scheduled to depart for Los Angeles at 8:30 p.m. ET But stopped giving a response to air traffic control before takeoff.

Indeed, the pilot had enrolled a hijack alert mistakenly, which sent Port Authority Police Emergency Services unit aboard the flight, according to The New York Daily News.

JetBlue plane loses it communication

As per tweets from passengers, “heavily armed” police officers as well as FBI agents hopped on the plane for inspection after 1.5 hours on the runway being hauled back to the gate.

The heavily armed officers were pointing the guns like they were experiencing a terrorist attack before takeoff. It was traumatizing, passenger Alexa Curtis told CBS Los Angeles. The FAA released a statement regarding the situation, saying the plane experienced a “radio equipment problem while taxing for departure at John F. Kennedy International Airport at 8 p.m.  Meanwhile, the crew requested to get back to the ramp and the FAA will investigate.

The alert turned out to be a false alarm, Lenis Rodrigues, Port authority spokeswoman added. She also said the aircraft was inspected and cleared with no security threat. By 8:15 p.m. local time, the tower reestablished radio contact with the crew of the plane.