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Molly McNearney and Jimmy Kimmel Have Been married for 4 Years, Past Relationships

Molly McNearney and Jimmy Kimmel Have Been married for 4 Years, Past Relationships

Molly McNearny and Jilly Kimmel have been married for four years now.  Unlike other celebrities, Molly and Jimmy also do have their own past and some ups and downs. Let us uncover their married life and relationship in detail.

Molly McNearny and Jimmy Kimmel Married For 4 Years

If you ask me how the couple encountered, then let me tell you that she’s a die-hard St. Louis Cardinals fan. They met as a fanatic. Jimmy bought her family tickets to the World Series. The most interesting aspect of their relationship is that technically, Molly McNearny is Jimmy Kimmel’s boss.

Molly McNearny is a writer and producer based in Missouri, USA. She rose to spotlight for being a co-head writer for Jimmy Kimmel Live!. Molly started on the show 10 years ago as a writer’s assistant and then rose through the ranks.

Jimmy has never shared much about how they got together before. But Molly now Molly discloses about her first impression of Jimmy, his ex- Sarah Silverman and why he’s the most thoughtful man in the world. Believe it or not, they worked in separate buildings.

The writing staff is in the building next door, while McNearny started dating Jimmy Kimmel in October 2009. Later, they engaged in August 2012 and married in July 2013. At the wedding, they wrote their own vows.  Molly McNearny and Jimmy Kimmel share two children-Jane and Billy. Their second child, a son, Billy was born with a congenital heart defect and went through open –heart surgery.

Jimmy Kimmel’s Past Relationship

Jimmy Kimmel was previously married to Gina Kimmel, a fashion designer on 25 June 1988. He shared two children with Gina Kimmel-daughter Katie Kimmel and a son Kevin Kimmel. They were married for five years and ended up with divorce on 16 June 2003. After splitting from Gina, He started dating Sarah Silverman, an American actress, and writer. They broke up in early 2009