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NBA’s Veteran Signed 1 year Deal with Atlanta Hawks Vince Carter’s Net Worth

NBA’s Veteran Signed 1 year Deal with Atlanta Hawks Vince Carter’s Net Worth

NBA’s veteran player, Vince Carter has been playing with the NBA for two decades. Twitter didn’t exist when the 41-year-old NBA star started his career but he sent it into meltdown today. As of 26 July 2018, Vince Carter signs a new 1-year deal with the Atlanta Hawks.

Carter signed on for his 21st season in the league by inking a one-year deal with the Atlanta Hawks. He is the oldest player in the NBA. He agreed to terms with the Hawks on Thursday for a minimum $AUD3.2 million. Carter has boosted most of his wealth from NBA and Sacramento Kings. Let’s uncover his net worth, salary, and lifestyle in detail.

What Is Vince Carter’s Net Worth?

Vince Carter is amongst one of the wealthiest players in NBA. He receives an annual salary of $5 million. Carter makes $5 million from endorsements. At present, Vince Carter has a net worth of $60 million. In 2001, he signed a 6 year $90 million contract with the Toronto Raptors.

Vince Carter, NBA's veteran player
Caption: Vince Carter, NBA’s veteran player
Photo: Instagram

 In 2007, he signed a $62 million 4-year contract with the New Jersey Nets. Vince Carter, 41, currently plays for the Memphis Grizzlies. In terms of lifestyle, Carter is fond of expensive cars. He drives a silver-colored Chevrolet car which costs above $25,680. He bought 36,905 square feet house in the 2010s. Vince has been living in his Windermere, FL Mega Mansion.

Who Is Vince Carter’s Wife?

Vince Carter is previously married to Ellen Rucker. He married a chiropractor Rucker in July of 2004. They eventually divorced in 2006 due to irreconcilable differences. Vince has one daughter-Kai Michelle Carter born on 1st July 2005.

Vince Carter's wife and daughter
Caption: Vince Carter’s wife and daughter
photo: Jill Carmel and Photography

At present, Carter is possibly single. There is no any solid evidence which leads to his married life and children following his divorce from ex-wife Ellen Rucker. Vince was once rumored to have romantically linked with Sheneka Adams.